Portal Console Access

15th March 2016
by InfiniteMonkeys

    VMRC Console Plug-in

    Hello! We have moved over to a new Portal platform, based on ManageIQ lots of great features. But for this post we will detail the steps needed in order to view the console of your Virtual Machines ( not required for any other VM management ).

    You will need to download the latest VMRC plugin from VMware and install ( reboot really is not required ) and this only works with Firefox because of this but you can bypass for chrome.

    Once installed head over to https://portal.cloudmonkey.co.uk and bar two popups the console will then happily launch for your Virtual Machines.

    VMRC Launch button

    * You can also stop the pop’ups/warnings by editing:

    options/content/pop-ps/exceptions and add “https://portal.cloudmonkey.co.uk”

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