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GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation

  • Hosting data in ISO 27001 accredited ex-military facilities, with escorted access, 24/7 on-site security and internal monitoring systems.

  • Fire suppression systems in all racks as standard.

  • Dual feeds and UPS back-up power supplies.

  • 24/7 service desk, remotehand capabilities, incident management and on-site engineers.

  • Standard operating and escalation procedures.

  • Additonal multi-site failover capabilities.

  • Redundancy at all Tiers; Node, Storage, Network and Security.

Article 32:

Security of processing.

Articles 44-50:

Transfers of personal data outside of the EU.

All of our data centres, data sovereignty and co-located areas are based within UK borders and no data is transferred to international third parties.

Our dedicated on-site data protection officer is responsible for continuously assessing our technical and organisational measures to ensure we continue to uphold and adhere to the highest industry standards. dpo@cloudmonkey.co.uk

Articles 32, 37 & 39:

Data Protection Officer.

Article 28:


  • Strict physical and access controls including an approval process for anyone wanting to access the site.

  • Trained service desk staff who only act on behalf of authorised customer contacts.

  • As part of your supply chain we have firm commitments to working with you in order to provide the evidence and validation to meet compliance standards.

  • At the end of our contract, if requested, we ensure that any tapes or cloud back-ups of data are returned to you or deleted unless European Union or Member State law requires us to hold it.

  • Our media destruction capabilities are also in alignment with WEEE regulations.