ESXi vmhba32 Error

9th May 2018
by InfiniteMonkeys

We recently came across this error whilst working on a client site for our sister company Datacentre Monkey After deploying a new VCSA and setting up VUM with VMware and HPE patch repositories, we went to work updating the hosts in small batches.

All went swimmingly until reboot when we noticed ESXi would hang on “nfsclient loaded successfully” checking the loading logs “ALT+F12” brought up the following:

“Lost connectivity to the device mpx.vmhba32:C0:T0:L0”

Some head scratching, a cup of tea (that’s why you do these things in small batches) and whatever we could find in the vending machine later.. We came to the conclusion this error meant ESXi was not loading correctly from SD-Card.

Now, given the mix of age of servers and SD cards.. seemed unlikely that multiple SD cards had failed at the same time. Seems ILO is responsible for loading the SD-Card and updating the firmware, got everything back on track.

We found this blog post which saved us time on running SPP packs and just updating ILO.

Now if we could just find some more biscuits!