Create a DD Boost Storage Unit and as Repository to Veeam

14th April 2016
by InfiniteMonkeys

Create Data Domain DD Boost storage unit:

Open the Data Domain system manager and navigate to Data Management/DD Boost/Storage Units and click Add.

In the wizard, a user is selected for the DD Boost Storage Unit. In this example, the DD Boost Storage Unit is called repo-sample and the user is service.ho.veeam (existing user on DD has credentials stored).

Data Domain DD Boost Storage Unit


To create a Data Domain Boost-enabled backup repository, navigate to the Backup Infrastructure, then select Backup Repositories and right-click to select Add Backup Repository.

Select “Deduplicating storage appliance” / Select “EMC Data Domain”:

When the Data Domain system is selected in this step, a few important options are presented:

DD Server Name:       DNS Name of Data Domain
Credentials:                 Use the account created earlier
Gateway server:          Automatic (or use standalone GW server, must sit least hops from DD on network)


Use browse to select the DD Boost Storage unit created earlier and set the maximum concurrent limit to the number of cores available on the Gateway server. Click next and accept the defaults for NFS vPower and Finish.

Veeam add DD Boost Repo


Best to clone your existing job and point to the new DD (you could copy the files, but generally quicker to do a full backup under the new job) or create a new job with the DD as Repo. Veeam (v9) will suggest the default best settings. But these are:

  • Disable inline deduplication
  • Compression level: Optimal
  • Storage Optimization: Local target 16TB+

eeam DD Boost Storage settings


Reverse Incremental is not supported and the DD has a chain limit of 60 segments, so enable a Synthetic Full backup (same as a Full backup but will be done directly on the DD) once a week (each chain segment equals one job run).

eeam Synthetic Full

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