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UK cloud hosting.

We utilize the best of Open Source and Commercial software to offer the most flexible reliable platform. This not only allows us to scale out to meet client growth, but tailor the offering to your exacting requirements for cost, performance and security.

Our wholly owned infrastructure platform, in-house expertise and the experience and knowledge to build out your private cloud. We can migrate your existing on-premise infrastructure or design a new platform for your latest startup.

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Server Nodes

High density memory with multiple cores and redundant power. Hypervisors installed at flash level. All servers are multi pathed for storage and network links. Which allows us to offer a secure, redundant hardware platform. Highly scalable with the performance to match. Physically separate links available for PCI environments.

  • Highly Available

  • Redundant Nodes

  • Scale on Demand

  • High Capacity VMs

  • PCI Compliance

  • Dedicated VM Resources

Enterprise Storage

We offer three tiers of storage allowing us to offer SSD, SAS and Nearline backed virtual machines. Performance where you need it most and more cost effective where you need capacity. All storage is presented by redundant Fibre Chanel attached SANS, for VDCs we only present dedicated LUNs.

  • Highly Available

  • Redundant Arrays

  • Scale on Demand

  • Data & DC Replication

  • Dedicated LUNs

  • FC Attached Hosts

  • SSD, SAS & Nearline

Carrier Grade Network

Beyond the Data Centres redundant, fully meshed, self-healing 10 Gigabit network. To our own carrier grade network switches, enterprise open source firewalls. We have the security, redundancy and bandwidth options to meet your requirements and future growth.

  • Diverse BGP Feeds

  • Carrier Neutral

  • Redundant Switches

  • Multi Pathed links

  • Low latency US/FinTech

  • Carrier grade switching

  • Open Source Security