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Cloud hosting.

Our platform has cost effective, transparent pricing for all resource usage built-in.


Financial technology startup companies are fast disrupting the very core of traditional financial institutions by offering the same or similar services but in cheaper, more innovative, and more transparent ways. Cloud based banking removes the infrastructural barriers, saving your start-up the cost & time of platform build-out.


Utilizing only highly secure UK Datacentres we built our Cloud from the ground up to match your FinTech compliance, security and performance requirements. Deploy your Startup with just a simple monthly Opex cost with no hidden costs.


Our infrastructure platform allows you to scale on demand. Leverage our Cloud to launch your start-up with the reliability, security and redundancy of running your platform in the Cloud. We review each client’s requirements to design & deploy the most effective implementation to encompass your requirements.

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We can often be found attending the various tech events around London. Catch us there or get in touch directly for free consultation and advice, we also invest our platform to help get things going.